Kurobuta, the "Wagyu of Pork"

We chose the Heritage Berkshire breed of pig because of their exceptional quality of meat. Our old-line meat genetics were specially preserved through the "other white meat" craze of the 80s and 90s where farmers bred lean, flavorless hogs to compete with chicken.


These preserved bloodlines have an incredible amount of inter-muscular marbling which creates the most tender and flavorful pork. There's no "other white meat" pigs on our property.


This is the pork your grandparents ate.

The Japanese even have a name for these special pigs, "Kurobuta" and they are known as the "Wagyu" of Pork. You cannot buy this quality of pork in stores.

 Our hogs are raised with care and attention to their diet, exercise and mental happiness. Never confined in a barn, all of our pigs live outside, in the mud, on the grass, like nature intended.

Quality Feed

Our pigs are raised on quality grains. This feed is a combination of wheat, barley, triticale, corn and peas that are locally grown in the Pacific Northwest with added vitamins and minerals. We NEVER feed antibiotics or hormones to our animals.

Our pigs spend 24/7 out on pasture and woods rotation. Pasture rotation is important for both the environment and our animals. It provides mental stimulation of new smells and fresh grasses as well as minimizes and breaks any parasite lifecycle.   

Parasite management is very important for both our animals and for the safety of our customers. Our animals are de-wormed regularly: once when they are 40 days old, and once when they are 5 months old. We harvest at approximately 7 months old, 220-300lbs live weight.


Our pigs are born, live and are harvested on our farm in Kitsap County. This minimizes stress to the animals and allows us to control all aspects of their lives, making sure they are being treated humanely and with respect.

They are rotated on pastures and finished out on natural PNW grains. This creates a deep red, well marbled meat.