Free Range, Non-GMO Eggs & Pastured Poultry

A Difference You Can Taste

We raise a select, small amount of pastured poultry every year. Duck and chicken is carefully nurtured in a natural environment fed non-GMO mixture of peas, barley and wheat as well as grass and bugs.


Big Corporation Agriculture would have you believe that chickens are vegetarian, but like all birds, they are omnivores. A varied, plentiful environment creates a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which directly translates to incredible, healthy eggs. 


We feed non-GMO feed that is formulated by an Amish Family in Eastern Washington. This feed is a Non-GMO combination of wheat, barley, triticale, and peas that are locally grown in the Pacific Northwest with added vitamins and minerals. We NEVER feed antibiotics or hormones to our animals.


Port Orchard, WA


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