We Never Envisioned Owning a Farm Together...

With a background as a culinary chef, Nicholas works in health care by trade, caring for the respiratory systems of his patients. LaVon works in Tech, making sure large, million dollar projects get completed on time. Zayden doesn't work yet, but we're sure he'll eventually do something great.

LaVon grew up on a Farm in Eastern Washington, so she had some kind of idea of what she was getting back into when Nicholas said he wanted to raise "Just a few pigs" for charcuterie. We had no idea just how popular our pork and eggs would become. Every year in business, we've sold out with waiting lists. We are happy to provide our friends and family with wholesome, chemical free, pork, chicken, eggs, duck and all natural soaps.


We are devoted to growing some of the most succulent "luxury" pork available in the Pacific Northwest. We work with other local farmers to bring you old-line heritage Berkshire and Berkshire cross pork. These bloodlines were preserved and brought in from the Southern US.


While the industrial pig farming complex was busy breeding fat and flavor out of their pork ('other' white meat anyone?), a few small scale farmers went against the grain and continued to breed and raise the pigs your grandparents used to eat. After the last 40 years of industrial pig breeding, most American pigs today produce bland, white, marbleless and flavorless meat.

We go against the industrial pork complex...

We are dedicated to fat and flavor in our products.
We are committed to the health and happiness of our animals.


We are committed to providing the healthiest meat, eggs and soap products for our own family as well as yours. Our animals are carefully managed in a natural setting, paying close attention to their nutritional needs and happiness.

Happy animals do taste better.